There are 12 weeks of lessons in the term for a total of $312. Computer lab (theory, rhythm training, sight-reading and ear training) is $42 for the 12 weeks. I prefer that you pay in advance. If you pay in advance, you are entitled to one free lesson. The tuition, including computer lab, would be $324.50. (discounted price). If this tuition is too much for your budget, smaller, monthly payments are due at the beginning of each month. The 30-minute private lesson is $26.00 and the computer lab for 15 minutes is $3.50. A late fee of $3.00 is charged for payments received after the 10th of the month.


Lessons missed because of illness or emergency will be made up, depending on availability of free time in my schedule, only if I am informed in advance (generally a minimum of 24 hours). It is the student’s and parents’ responsibility to schedule the make-up time.  Please call me as early as possible (6-8 a.m.) if your child is sick. Lessons missed for sporting events, parties or other social events, forgetting a lesson, and transportation problems cannot be made up. Lessons missed by the teacher due to illness will be made up or credited to the student’s account. Missed lessons may not be deducted from the 12-week fee.


Assignments and practice are expected to have the same priority as homework. In order to progress satisfactorily, at least five days of practice is necessary. To help develop self-discipline and good work habits, it is suggested that a regular time for practice be set aside. A quiet atmosphere and a well tuned piano help to insure quality practice time.


Each student will receive a progress report at the end of each 12-week term. Please read these carefully and call if you have any questions.


It is suggested that students continue lessons through the summer for a minimum of six weeks.


Lessons will be terminated by the teacher in the event of repeated failure to prepare assigned material, or disruptive behavior.