Programs Offered Annually by

Wilkans Music Studio 

Scholarship Contest Spring 

This is optional. The student will tape record three contrasting pieces on a cassette, write why he or she wants to go to a music camp, and list musical activities he or she has participated in. The student can win a $200.00 scholarship for a music camp of their choice.

Northbrook Court Festival of Pianos will be held September , 2018

This is optional and has a $20.00 entry fee.  If the student is willing to participate, he or she must be able to play with a steady beat. 

Sonata, Sonatina Festival is in November at Harper College

There is an entrance fee of $15.00. Two movements must be memorized in order to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Theory syllabus is in November at Harper College for Aim Levels III, and Levels IIIIV

The entry fee per student is, $20.00 for Levels I – II and $30.00 for Levels III – IV.  

Theory syllabus is January, 2018 at Harper College for Aim Levels VXII

The entry fee is $30.00 per student.  

Performance syllabus is March, 2018 at Harper College

Awards Competition is April, 2018 at Harper College

Classical / Pop & Jazz  recitals Sunday, April 15, 2018 at Rolling Meadows Library – Deadline: April 5, 2018.

      Classical Recital is at 1:30 PM. 

       Pop & Jazz Recital is at 3:30 PM.