I am pleased to recommend Janice Wilkans of Arlington Heights as a piano teacher.  Janice has been my teacher for about a year.  I had no previous musical instruction. She has adapted her teaching to my situation, and has kept the process interesting, but challenging.  Her enthusiasm for teaching has made the experience enjoyable.  She has adapted her style of teaching to various techniques and tools.  Janice is friendly and patient, but also is good at judging my knowledge and ability.  She is a very positive and encouraging teacher.  I highly recommend Janice as a piano teacher.  Lou   (Lou is still a student as of January 2018)

Janice, on your lessons all new topics become clear and it is easy to follow your directions. At the same time I see how fast we are moving…    It is amazing!  When I asked you to become my teacher, I was not sure that I can learn it, but now I know – we can do it.  Thank you very much! Yehor    (Yehor is still a student as of January 2018)

The reason Katelyn chose Janice is she was friendly and very passionate about music. She provided a nice variety of music to choose from and really built a strong foundation for the girls to learn piano as well as other instruments. Katelyn and Carly liked that she played songs with them and they could listen and play with recordings too. Janice was very encouraging, kept a nice pace with the lesson and was available in between lessons if the girls were stuck on something. She also provided a very detailed report card so we knew the progress the girls were making. Janice enjoyed working with both girls and it showed. Eric (Katelyn and Carly’s dad) (Katelyn was a student from July 2012 to January 2016)

Janice, I asked Katie what she liked about you as a piano teacher. She said she liked how you could play all the songs for her and she had a say (40% or 60%) on what songs she would like to learn. She liked that you were understanding and knowledgeable.  Janice Wilkans is a knowledgeable piano teacher that demonstrates patience and kindness towards her students. She also offers interesting piano experiences outside the classroom, such as the Festival of Pianos and the ISMTA sonata sonatina competition and aim at Harper College.  Margie (Katie’s mom)  (Katie was a student from August 2009 to May 2016)

Thank you so much for taking Taylor on, she is really excited about piano! After we tried the other teacher she said “Mom, I really want to go to Ms. Wilkans. She is so nice.”  lol.  Danielle Doty (Taylor’s mom)

I have been sitting in on my son’s lessons for over a year now and Janice has given Grant the best gift, the love of the piano.Her teaching style is what the clincher is. She has motivated him to perform his best at all times. Janice has taken Grant by the hand and  worked on every  piece of music  measure by measure. I love the music by  (Faber and Faber)  and the  methods they use. The  children play  music from  the very beginning.    Marla Slovin   (Grant, July 2006 to February 2012)

My son, Randy, was a student of Mrs. Wilkans for 9 years. I was impressed with her teaching skills, dedication, and personal attention to each student. She customized the lessons based on individual student needs, allowing students to accelerate or take additional time based on their ability. Mrs. Wilkans was extremely professional and patient to my short attention spanned son. She also incorporates technology such as interactive music gaming apps to make lessons fun for students. I highly recommend Mrs. Wilkans as a teacher for anybody who wishes to learn piano; in fact, my two nieces, (Abby and Maddy who came from China Town because the dad liked what I did with Randy), were also her students because of my recommendation. She is a good instructor and role model for youngsters and exceeded my expectations. Pauline (Randy’s mother)   (Randy was a student from June 2003 to December 2010)

Janice has taught piano to my two children for the past 2 ½ years. Janice is an outstanding teacher to my children.She is patient and challenging.She works hard and is always prepared. My children have been part of three recitals that she has organized.The children are confidant because of Janice.  Kathy Murphy   (Jared and Allie, July 2005 to December 2008)   

I took private lessons with Mrs. Wilkans for more than 10 years, from elementary school through high school. And in that time, I learned invaluable lessons beyond the keyboard. Taking piano lessons taught me responsibility, time management, and striving to do my best and meet my goals at a young age – and Mrs. Wilkans was instrumental in making that happen.  She guided without pushing; was stern without being mean; and was always understanding when something didn’t go right. Our weekly lessons focused on building my technical skills and understanding of piano theory, working towards performance recitals which allowed me to play pieces I personally enjoyed. Her comfortable teaching style built my passion for continuing to learn and challenge myself, continuing my education for many many years. Mrs. Wilkans is an extremely talented pianist herself, and her unconditional dedication is seen (and heard) every time she sits down at the piano bench. I could not recommend Mrs. Wilkans higher to anyone wanting to learn piano.  Krystina   (Krystina was a student from July 1992 to June 2004)

Thank you for all your wonderful teaching. The kids really grew in their counting and playing skills. They really enjoy your positive nurturing help and teaching. Thank you so much for working with Steve. You provided a thrilling start for him and launched him into what will be a very important part of his life.    Julie Lovison   (Steve, July 1998)